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Charon Asetoyer at VDay's 10th Anniversary Event

NAWHERC Executive Director Charon Asetoyer was a featured speaker at VDay's 10th Anniversary Celebration 'Superlove', April 11-12, 2008, at the Superdome in New Orleans, LA.Over 30,000 people attended the events over the two days. Thousands traveled from out of state and country for the events that featured over 125 speakers, over 40 stars, a choir of 200, and over 800 volunteers. See more about the event here.

Charon spoke on a panel entitled 'Safety and Empowerment of Native American Women,' with Brenda Dardar Roubichaux and Karen Artichoker, introduced by V-Day activist Suzanne Blue Star Boy.

View Charon's VDay biography here, and see VDay's 2003 Spotlight Campaign addressing violence against Native women and girls.
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