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Reproductive Justice Agenda

Native Women for Reproductive Justice



"Empowerment Through Dialogue," a historical three-day meeting was held in Pierre, South Dakota, on May 16th, 17th, and 18th, 1990. More than 30 Native Women, representing over eleven Nations from the Northern Plains came together in a collective decision-making process to form a Reproductive Justice Coalition. Their efforts resulted in an Agenda for Native Women's Reproductive Justice.

Reproductive Justice Agenda:
  1. The right to knowledge and education for all family members concerning sexuality and reproduction that is age-, culture-, and gender-appropriate.
  2. The right to all reproductive alternatives and the right to choose the size of our families.
  3. The right to affordable health care, including safe deliveries within our communities.
  4. The right to access safe, free, and/or affordable abortions, regardless of age, with confidentiality and free pre- and post-counseling.
  5. The right to active involvement in the development and implementation of policies concerning reproductive issues, which include but are not limited to pharmaceuticals and technology.
  6. The right to include domestic violence, sexual assault, and AIDS as reproductive justice issues.
  7. The right to programs which meet the nutritional needs of women and families.
  8. The right to programs to reduce the rate of infant mortality and high-risk pregnancies.
  9. The right to culturally specific comprehensive chemical dependency prenatal programs including, but not limited to, prevention of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Effects.
  10. The right to stop coerced sterilization.
  11. The right to a forum for cultural/spiritual development, culturally-oriented health care, and the right to live as Native Women.
  12. The right to be fully informed about, and to consent to any forms of medical treatment.
  13. The right to determine who are members of our Nations.
  14. The right to continuous, consistent, and quality health care for Native People.
  15. The right to reproductive justice and support for women with disabilities.
  16. The right to parent our children in a non-sexist, non-racist environment.
  17. The right of Two Spirited women, their partners, and their families to live free from persecution or discrimination based on their sexuality and/or gender, and the right to enjoy the same human, political, social, legal, economic, religious, tribal and governmental rights and benefits afforded all other Indigenous women.
  18. The right to give birth and be attended to in the setting most appropriate, be it home, community, clinic or hospital and to be able to choose the support system for our births, including but not limited to, Traditional Midwives, Families and community members.
  19. The right to education and support for breastfeeding that include but not limited to, individuals and communities that allow for regrowth of traditional nurturing and parenting of our children.

In order to accomplish the foregoing stated rights, Native Women for Reproductive Justice will create conditions and alliances to network with other groups.

Attending Participants, May 18, 1990
Authors of the Indigenous Women's Reproductive Justice Agenda : Points 1 - 16
Sherrie Agneau
Cheyenne River Sioux
Viola Poorman
Rosebud Sioux
Anita Sanchez
Yankton Sioux
Barbara Bruguier
Three Affiliated Tribes
Karen Artichoke
Maria Provost
Cheyenne River Sioux
LeAnn Swenson-Wall
Janice Howe
Crow Creek Sioux
Charon Asetoyer
Naomi Renville
Omaha, Seneca, Sioux
Laura Trudell
Yankton Sioux
Theresa Red Bear
Crow Creek Sioux
Ellen Ashes
Yankton Sioux
Nancy Denny
Santee Sioux
Wanda Wells
Crow Creek Sioux
Darlene Medicine Crow
Crow Creek Sioux
Winifred E. Boub
Rosebud Sioux
Antoinette Eagle Boy
Standing Rock Sioux
Phyllis Wilcox
Oglala Sioux
Delores O'Connor
Yankton Sioux
Corrine Black Bear
Rosebud Sioux
Mollie A. Emery
Santee Sioux
Myra A. Winckler
Yankton Sioux
Debra Pickner
Crow Creek Sioux
Tillie Black Bear
Rosebud Sioux
April Fallis
Crow Creek Sioux
Georgine Young
Yankton Sioux
Lisa M. Iyotte
Ft. Belknap Sioux
Judy A. Bridwell
Cheyene River Sioux
Carmel C. Flood
Yankton Sioux
Mona Fischer
Yankton Sioux
Jackie R. Rouse
Rosebud Sioux
Donna Haukaas
Rosebud Sioux
Evelyn New Holy
Oglala Sioux
Bessie L. Long
Yankton Sioux
Brenda Hill
Mary Louise Defender-Wilson
Northern Dakota Sioux
Amended May 28, 2000: Points 17 - 19
Attending Participants
Charon Asetoyer
Lona Fast Horse
Cheyenne River Sioux
Barbara Moore
Pattie Salas
Chicana Coahuilteca
Nilak Butter
Adelina Alva Padilla
Santa Ynez Chumash
Yako Myers
Consuelo Schimpf
Dorothy Davids
Pamela Kingfisher
Leslie Hawkins
Beverly Scow
Kwa Guilth
Cecilia Gomez
Beverly Little Thunder
Lakota Sioux
Julian Paul
Alice Skenandore
Luz Guerra
Mia Luluqusien
Colette Powers
Dagmar Thorpe
Sac and Fox

In appreciation to the Women of Color Partnership Program of RCAR of Washington, D.C., and the Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center of Lake Andes, South Dakota, for co-sponsoring this meeting, and to the Ms. Foundation for continued support.
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